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Super Bowl ad gone bad

Who creates an ad that negatively portrays a race and demeans them severely? That person would be Pete Hoekstra. Hoekstra is currently running for U.S. senator against Debbie Stabenow.

His racist ad, which debuted during the superbowl, was supposed to shed light on the situation regarding Stabenow and her attempt to help China take American jobs. Apparently Mr. Hoekstra and his advisers were not thinking about the repercussions of the ad, or they just didn’t care if they insulted an entire race.

In a press release written by the Hoekstra campaign, he claims that Ms. Stabenow voted for Obama’s stimulus package, which since it was passed has caused Michigan to lose over 116,000 jobs, and has created jobs in countries like China.

Although the ad created a lot of negative attention and was blatantly racist, Hoekstra refuses to apologise and said, “I don’t think there’s any element of that [racism] at all.” Hoekstra also said that he is not apologizing for the ad, and “If someone believes that we were insensitive, I’m sorry to them.”

Whether Hoekstra wants to apologise or not, the ad was a wrong. The actresses “accent” and broken English was fake. Hoekstra is making claims that an entire country (China) is responsible for taking American jobs. The ad claims that because were giving jobs to China, their economy is thriving, while the U.S. economy is weakening . You add this all up, and it’s a Public Relations disaster.

Even if the U.S. has lost jobs to other countries, there are other more appropriate ways to tell the story. Instead, Hoekstra chose the wrong way, and now he looks like a racist fool. His ad was uncalled for, and I believe he owes everyone an apology. He should also consider hiring a new PR staff because they should have never let him air that on television. What were they all thinking?

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My hometown is the great city of Portland, Oregon. I currently reside in Eugene and attend the University of Oregon. I am in my senior year of college majoring in Public Relations. In addition to being a student, I work for Ethos Magazine, a student-run publication. I 'm also a communications intern for the University of Oregon School of Law. I am a sports fanatic who loves the Portland Trail and Oregon Ducks. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, attending sporting events, and spending time with friends and family. I can read, watch, and talk about sports all day every day. PR and Sports, it's what I love!


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