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#Sports Illustrated and the Linsanity Controversy#

Jeremy Lin (aka Linsanity) is the topic of conversation around the NBA because of the impressive offensive numbers he has been putting up. The Harvard graduate has been outstanding on the court and has scrored his second straight Sports Illustrated cover. Lin is one of only three players to ever appear on an SI cover for two consecutive weeks. Michael Jordan and Dirk Nowitzki were the only other players to do it.

Most SI covers usually don’t cause an uproar, but one of the magazines Lin appeared on caused some controversy. The controversy was over the hashtag #SILINSANITY, which appeared on the cover next to the image of Lin. The hashtag encourages conversation about Sports Illustrated and Lin. The magazine combined SI and LINSANITY to get the hashtag #SILINSANITY.

Although placing a hashtag on the cover of the magazine was a great idea, it generated some negative attention for SI. Many people¬†expressed on twitter how they disliked the hashtag idea. One person tweeted, “are you fucking kidding with the #SILINSANITY on your cover? Has anyone ever tweeted that? Let’s put SI before everything sports.”

Another person tweeted, “what’s sad is that some editor probably thought #silinsanity was going to become a big deal.”

Sports Illustrated has taken social media integration to a new level, and I hope they continue to incorporate hashtags into some their future covers. Using the hashtag was a brilliant idea. It’s a great way to market a company, and it encourages conversation. Way to go SI!

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