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NBA Weaves Social Media into 2012 All-Star Weekend

Photo by: Cinefilo via flickr

Creative dunks, great passes, and tons of three point shots were all present in the 2012 All-Star weekend, but what differentiated it from previous All-Star weekends was how social media was used in the festivities.

Twitter, Facebook, text messaging, mobile apps, and website-based voting were all intertwined in the 2012 All-Star Weekend. This was the first year that the winner of the dunk contest was decided solely by fans. Fans could text, tweet, or vote online for their favorite dunk. Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz had some spectacular dunks and was named the 2012 dunk contest winner.

The new voting system is a better way to pick the dunk contest winner because it leaves the decision up to fans and not a panel of judges. Millions of fan votes is more accurate than a few judges votes.

Weaving social media into the All-Star Weekend was a brilliant idea. Fans love participating in interactive things like the dunk contest. It is also convenient when fans can receive up-to-date information on social media platforms. The Game Time mobile app, which allowed fans to stream over 90 hours of All-Star Weekend video content was easy to use and had a lot of great content .The NBA did an excellent job using social media to make the All-Star Weekend interactive.

It is evident that the NBA  has embraced social media and made it a prominent part of the league. Social media has made sharing information with fans easy, and I hope the NBA continues to use it more in the future.

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