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Why Blog?

Blogging! Why do I do it?  I do it because it allows me to share my interests with people, and because there are no restrictions to blogging. I can express my feelings and thoughts on my blog and write about whatever I feel is important. My blog is the only platform where I can write in depth about issues pertaining to sports. I love reading and writing about sports, and my blog gives me the freedom to do this.

My hope is that my blog will help me get a job after graduation. Mark Schaefer, a blogger and marketing consultants, has a great list of 7 reasons every job-seeker needs to blog. Reason number 3 on his list is “Engaging versus advertising.”  He says:

“No matter how creative you get, a resume is still an advertisement. Compelling content is a way to engage prospective employers in a way that will hold their attention.”

My resume doesn’t actually show an employer what I’m capable of doing.  But a blog does. In a job field like PR, which is what I hope to do, being creative and a good writer is vital. An employer can’t tell from your resume if your actually creative, or a good writer. He/she can however look at a couple blog posts to see if you are.

A great blog and a great resume go hand in hand. A blog gives me the opportunity to demonstrate what I can do, and a resume tells employers what I have done. Both are important, but a blog makes me more marketable than someone without one!

About Alejandro

My hometown is the great city of Portland, Oregon. I currently reside in Eugene and attend the University of Oregon. I am in my senior year of college majoring in Public Relations. In addition to being a student, I work for Ethos Magazine, a student-run publication. I 'm also a communications intern for the University of Oregon School of Law. I am a sports fanatic who loves the Portland Trail and Oregon Ducks. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, attending sporting events, and spending time with friends and family. I can read, watch, and talk about sports all day every day. PR and Sports, it's what I love!


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